Meaningful and positive change starts with you.
We can help you put your ideals and ideas into action.

If you have ever dreamed of making a difference in the world—of becoming a compassionate leader, able to collaborate across diverse cultural, ideological, religious and economic perspectives—then Claremont Lincoln University has graduate degrees designed just for you.

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Ethical Leadership

Prepares professionals across vocational sectors to integrate personal awareness and professional proficiencies to be more effective, ethical leaders in their organization, with the knowledge and consciousness of our interconnected global realities.

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Interfaith Action

Intended for leaders in faith-based organizations, religious communities, and other public arenas in which religious multiplicity can simultaneously be a source of conflict and a rich resource for positive change.

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Social Impact

Teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders—particularly, though not exclusively in the social and civic sectors—to envision, implement, and adapt efforts that generate positive and sustainable impact within and/or beyond their organizations and communities.

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Claremont Lincoln @C_Lincoln_Univ
Last month we hosted an Exchange with @FreewayRicky to discuss what's needed to help at-risk youth. Watch
Claremont Lincoln @C_Lincoln_Univ
Sue Desmond-Hellman, CEO of @gatesfoundation talks about the need for collaboration in eradicating Polio #NI15


Claremont Lincoln University works with students to change the world, and our innovative academic offerings and learning experience reflect that commitment.

Our hybrid teaching models are convenient and affordable to students throughout the U.S. and abroad. A diverse, international cohort enriches the educational experience online, and semi-annual in-person weekend gatherings offer optional opportunities for further engagement and collaboration.

At CLU, we want to help make change in the world, and it starts with you.

Start the process today! Please provide some basic information about you and our admissions staff will contact you shortly. Your information will not be shared with any other company or organization. We do reserve the ability to communicate with you regarding Claremont Lincoln University news and opportunities. You can always cancel communications at any time.

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